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The Alfred Hitchcock Head-fake

Can You Kill Your Lead Actress Off Early And Have a Hit Film? Yes!

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Peter Cushing

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He is the greatest Horror actor from the greatest horror studio ever. Hammer Horror and Peter Cushing ar synonymous. He’s Dr. Frankenstein, Professor Van Helsing, Sherlock Holmes, hero, viallian, monster and mad scientist. Read Article

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The Alfred Hitchcock Headfake

In 1960 Alfred Hitchcock Breaks A Fundamental Rule of Cinema…

…and gets the audience to invest in his gorgeous lead actress at the beginning of film- then immediately kills her off. It worked brilliantly and Brian De Palma and Wes Craven both pay homage to this Hitchcock technique in Dressed to Kill and Scream.

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All things Frankenstein and the mad scientist that created him are discussed and dissected on this blog. This is clearly the most iconic monster.

No shortage of content to blog about here. The vampire genre was launched by Bram Stoker’s novel and is the most explosive, prevalent, and diverse in the history of Horror.

The werewolf genre comes from no story or novel but an ancient lore used by 1930’s Hollywood writers. The rest is history and there is much to discuss and celebrate.

In 1922, the tomb of the ancient Egyptian King Tut was discovered- and the world was riveted. And for us horror fans- a new monster was born!

The least amount of content to discuss. But, the only American Gothic short story devoted to Halloween. This monster is Halloween and cannot be left out of the discussion.

And finally our most crowded field. Any other monster, creature, ghost, or maniac that does not fit in the Big 5 monster catagories falls under this one.