I hate instructions. But they’re necessary, and particularly for today’s super awesome board games they are very necessary. We’re not exactly playing Battleship. There are characters, cards, many-sided die, multi-scenarios, strategy, et al… Fortunately today we have Youtube. For this week’s game we have Betrayal At House on the Hill, fun anytime but particularly during the Halloween season:


  • 3-6 of you and your friends find yourself in a B horror movie in a Haunted House with 50 possible horror film themes or haunts to plague you. The replayability of this game is very high since the movie scenarios you’ll find yourself in can be different each time.


  • If that is not enough, each character picks a tile card for movement throughout the house AND the tile determines how the house is laid out for your movement. So again, not only is the type of haunt varied for each game, but your movement and how the house is laid out is different. So the replayability of this game is superbly high since it’s literally a fresh and different haunting experience each time with varied house movement experiences.


  • …and if that’s not enough, during the course of the game, one of you will be revealed as the traitor that has lured everyone to the house for nefarious/murderous purposes. And that’s when one of those fifty B movie horror scenarios kicks in and the fight for your survival in the House on the Hill begins!


  • This game goes good with either wine or beer.


  • BTW, that last bullet not on the board game instructions but my own personal 2 cents.


Youtube examples are plenty but here’s 2 of my favorites:

For introductory instructions for Betrayal at House on The Hill this gives you solid foundation in getting started


Wil Wheaton’s Table Top Provides the Most Entertaining Demonstration on How Betrayal at The House On The Hill is played



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